Gaël Giraud

Founder and director of the GEJP

Economics, theology, mathematics

Mark Swilling

Research professor

Governance, sustainability transitions, energy transition, African development, water-energy-food nexus, development finance

Jennifer Eagleton

Associate Director for International Programs

Sustainability and business, policy and law, science and art

Postdoctoral researchers

Matthew Arran

Economic and geophysical modelling, granular flows

Elena De Nictolis

Urban public policies and laws, collective action in cities and urban commons, urban climate justice, quality of democracy at the local level

Hugo Martin

Climate change, ecological macroeconomics, energy, Sustainability and Society, gravity driven granular flows, landslides and seismicity

Pauline Smith

Cognitive psychology, environmental psychology, ecocampuses

Paul Valcke

Modelization, inequalities, spatialization, dynamics, auto-organization

PhD students

Hugo Bailly

Ecological macroeconomics, out-of-equilibrium economics, multisectoral economic modeling

Loïc Giaccone

Climate change, scenarios and modelling, macroeconomics, inequalities

Camille Guittonneau

Energy, energy engineering, modeling, STEM

Misgana E. Kallore

Ecology, Pedagogy, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Just transition, Capacity building + Networking

Mlondi Ndovela

Energy transitions, energy economics

Grégoire Noël

Ecological macroeconomics, stock-flow consistency, non-equilibrium thermodynamics, complexity


Timothée Nicolas

Plasma physics, tokamaks, ecological macroeconomics

Maria Portugal

Indigenous peoples, Economy of Francesco (EOF), women in EOF

Carrick Reddin

Architecture, urban and territorial planning, public policy, international development


Mona Menadi

Civil engineering, urban governance, urban and territorial planning, urban commons

Francesco Palmia

Urban governance, urban planning and design, urban commons

last updated: 11-12-21