Barwendé Médard Sané

Fr. Barwendé Médard Sané, SJ, Ed.D is a postdoctoral researcher at Georgetown University’s Environmental Justice Program. His research centers on the integration of Afrocentric epistemologies in the pursuit of environmental justice. Sané is passionately committed to developing strategic peacebuilding education modules rooted in African values, integral ecology, and Catholic principles. His inquiry delves into how Afrocentric ecologists, guided by non-Western values, champion human dignity, care for all living beings, and foster the common good within a sustainable environment. Sané challenges the adequacy of modern science in addressing climate change and rectifying environmental disparities for marginalized communities. He firmly believes that achieving environmental justice necessitates epistemological justice, valuing diverse forms of knowledge and traditions.


Before his current role, Sané served as a Fellow at esteemed institutions such as Africa Faith and Justice Network (WDC), the Institute for Nonviolence and Social Justice (USF), the Lane Center for Catholic Social Thought, and the Ignatian Tradition (USF). He also directed the University Catholic Center of Bangui (CAR), where he founded two civil organizations dedicated to peace and nonviolence. Additionally, he co-founded l’Institut de Recherche sur la paix au Sahel (BF). With over two decades of experience, Sané has made significant contributions to African conflict resolution through conferences and publications on Pan-Africanism, human rights, leadership, peace, and nonviolence.


Sané holds an Ed.D in Educational Leadership and Administration from the University of San Francisco (CA), a Th.M. & S.T.L. in Theology from Santa Clara University (CA), a B.A. in Philosophy from l’Université Loyola du Congo (DRC). Additionally, he holds certificates in Public Policy Analysis from the London School of Economics and Politics, and Theology from l’Institut de Théologie de la Compagnie de Jésus in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.





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