Jennifer Eagleton

Jennifer works closely with the GEJP Director to initiate, implement, expand, and evaluate GEJP’s international programs with governments, businesses, and communities, and as such, her responsibilities include working closely with the GEJP Director to build, support, and deepen collaborations with faculty and other campus partners across the University as well as international partners and collaborators who are integral to advancing the GEJP mission.  Jennifer also works closely with the GEJP Director and other team members on sponsored research proposals and awards; philanthropic partnerships; long-term financial planning and annual budgets; communication strategy, narratives, and materials; and conferences and convenings. In addition, Jennifer serves on the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities’ Laudato Si’ Commission, which is tasked with developing transformative proposals with the 28 affiliated AJCU members to advance justice, sustainability, and integral ecology.  

Thriving within entrepreneurial ventures at research institutions, Jennifer has worked to accelerate transdisciplinary research, drive science-based conservation action, and strengthen science education.

Before joining GEJP, she was the Director of Interdisciplinary Initiatives at the Georgetown Environment Initiative, a cross-campus effort to advance the University’s contribution to global environmental and sustainability efforts.  Before Georgetown, Jennifer worked to launch the programs and partnerships of the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, the new transdisciplinary institute at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, as its Associate Director for Partnership Programs.

In addition, Jennifer worked for seven years at the Field Museum in Chicago where she worked with the biologists, anthropologists, and educators of the Environmental and Conservation Programs to support science-based action in the creation and management of national parks and other protected areas in South America. Jennifer also directed online programs connecting the public to the behind-the-scenes science of the Museum, and she started the Museum’s Educational Media Division, where she led the team of scientists and educators who sent Museum scientists and collections into classrooms nationwide through television broadcasts, webcasts, online curricula, print educator guides, and portable exhibit cases. 

Jennifer began her career as an employment relations attorney at Winston & Strawn. She has an MBA from Georgetown University and a JD from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and she graduated with honors from Princeton University.