Three EJP seminar series offered opportunities for cross-disciplinary dialogue and exchange.

Just Sustainability Transitions Seminars

These seminars gathered scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and students from across a wide variety of disciplines to discuss the environmental and societal challenges of the Anthropocene and the ways to pursue just and sustainable pathways.

EJP Modeling Seminars

The EJP Modeling Seminars offered a technical deep dive into various economic and geophysical models applied to environmental challenges to enable the participants to examine the possible couplings, analyze the assumptions made, and interpret the results of the models.

Reconsidering the Biosphere and the Technosphere in the Entropocene: Entropies, Economies, Ecologies, Technologies

The Entropocene seminar aimed at opening a transdisciplinary and interscientific debate about the notion of entropy (in the fields of thermodynamic physics, biology, theory of information, economy, social sciences, and philosophy) and to explore the economic and political challenges raised by this epistemological question in the context of the Anthropocene.

Please find more details on the seminar here. The recordings can be found on the Entropocene seminar playlist.