Some of our recent publications

Peer-reviewed articles

  • Bovari, E., Giraud, G., & McIsaac, F. (2020). Financial impacts of climate change mitigation policies and their macroeconomic implications: a stock-flow consistent approach. Climate Policy, 20(2), 179-198. [pdf]
  • Rudolph, T. B., Ruckelshaus, M., Swilling, M., Allison, E. H., Österblom, H., Gelcich, S., & Mbatha, P. (2020). A transition to sustainable ocean governance. Nature communications11(1), 1-14. [pdf]
  • Woillez, M. N., Giraud, G., & Godin, A. (2020). Economic impacts of a glacial period: a thought experiment to assess the disconnect between econometrics and climate sciences. Earth System Dynamics, 11(4), 1073-1087. [pdf]
  • Conway, D., Robinson, B., Mudimu, P., Chitekwe, T., Koranteng, K., & Swilling, M. (2019). Exploring hybrid models for universal access to basic solar energy services in informal settlements: Case studies from South Africa and Zimbabwe. Energy Research & Social Science56, 101202. [pdf]
  • Giraud, G., & Grasselli, M. (2019). Household debt: The missing link between inequality and secular stagnation. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. [pdf]
  • Van Breda, J., & Swilling, M. (2019). The guiding logics and principles for designing emergent transdisciplinary research processes: learning experiences and reflections from a transdisciplinary urban case study in Enkanini informal settlement, South Africa. Sustainability Science14(3), 823-841. [pdf – direct download]
  • Vidal, O., Rostom, F. Z., François, C., & Giraud, G. (2019). Prey–Predator Long-Term Modeling of Copper Reserves, Production, Recycling, Price, and Cost of Production. Environmental science & technology53(19), 11323-11336.ISO 690 [pdf – direct download]


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last updated: 04-12-2021