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Explore upcoming events and activities happening at the Georgetown Environmental Justice Program or organized by partner institutions. Recordings of previous events will be available here.

  • Paper accepted by Political Studies Association

    Georgetown University EJP postdoctoral researcher Elena De Nictolis will present a paper on ‘The role of neighborhoods in experimenting with urban justice. Challenging political and legal theory from the margins of the State’, at the upcoming Political Studies Association Conference (PSA) in April, 2022. The PSA conference “Politics from the margins” is hosted by the University of York (April 11-13, 2022). The paper is focused on the conceptualization of neighborhoods within political theory’s debate on cities. It will analyze the capacity of neighborhoods to promote experimental processes of urban sustainable development and climate adaptation plans with a community-led approach. The neighborhood is on the margins of the academic and policy domain. Yet it is the closest dimension to residents when it comes to policy implementation, especially in the post-pandemic city. Moreover, the neighborhood level may have the capacity to structure opportunities for empowerment of vulnerable communities in relation to the cooperative governance of urban resources and infrastructures. The scholarship on the commons shows that cooperative arrangements might be able to overcome the short-termism afflicting urban politics and ensure sustainability (Ostrom, 1990; Smith, 2020). The paper will draw from the analysis of EU cities that are promoting experimentations of neighborhood-based commons institutions (drawing data from the H2020 projects Open Heritage and EUARENAS) to improve access to social, green, tech infrastructures and assess the implications these policies have on urban welfare. 

  • Agriculture & Justice: The Farm of Francesco

    The Economy of Francesco brings together young economists in order to work towards an economy based on solidarity and sustainability. The Farm of Francesco is a proposal from its Agriculture and Justice Village, which aims to help create a farmer-centric sustainable agriculture.

    Learn more about this initiative here.

  • Pick It Up! Tackling plastic pollution on campus

    The GEJP is proud to launch a collaboration with “Pick It Up (new window),” a campus initiative that seeks to reduce plastic pollution on Georgetown’s campus and other college campuses across the country. Founded by the Beeck Center for Social Impact & Innovation, “Pick It Up” provides students with the resources to track, visualize, and learn about plastics.

    Learn more about Pick it Up! here.

  • From wild consumption to responsible engagement: young adult Eco Summer Camp

    Eco Summer Camp for Young Adults, August 22 – 28, 2021, Lasalle Institut, Switzerland.  

    From wild consumption to responsible engagement. The struggle against environmental degradation and the preservation of our planet must first and foremost become a cultural movement in which everyone assumes their own responsibility, as individuals and in cooperation with their peers. Thus, we are all called upon to make our personal contribution as well. The time for mere delegation to others is over. Only in this way can we bring about changes in the long term that will deeply transform our society from within, so that we can look to the future with confidence – for ourselves and for the generations to come.

    What is our position on the global changes that challenge us today in economy, politics and the environment? How can existing resources be used sustainably? What social and political solutions are we looking for and do we want to implement? What changes in daily life are needed? These are just some of the questions that are of concern to us and that we want to get to the bottom of from the 22nd to the 28th of August 2021. Over 40 young adults are attending, and a dozen experts and scholars will animate these days.

    With this one-week academy, young people, who are our future decision-makers, can exchange ideas with experts and like-minded people at eye level. These fruitful encounters will contribute to advancing the ecological-spiritual transformation of our society.

    The “Eco Summer Camp” has been launched by the Lassalle-Institut and is jointly organised by Lassalle-Institut, Fastenopfer and Centre for Development and Environment (CDE). Experts from all over the world, including Georgetown University, will be present.

    Information and registration application here.

  • International Conference: Environmental justice, August 29th – September 2nd, 2021. Lasalle Institut, Switzerland

    While warnings from the climate science community are growing, the Paris Agreement is not being met by any member country of the United Nations. What are the reasons for such a failure? How to cure it? In the meantime, new challenges have emerged, which still played a rather minor role in the 2015 negotiations but which, with the 15th Conference of Parties (COP) for the Convention on Biological Diversity in Kunming (Yunnan province, 2021), are coming on the front of the stage of political concerns: the sixth mass extinction is currently underway. The erosion of biodiversity complicates our understanding of the Anthropocene and requires a finer understanding of how the ecological reconstruction of the planet can be implemented.

    2015 was also the year of publication of the encyclical Laudato Si’, which constitutes a major turning point in the way in which the Catholic Church is positioned with regard to the ecological question. In 2020, Fratelli tutti stresses that the ecological reconstruction cannot be done at the expense of the poorest. More than ever, the cry of the Earth resonates with the cry of the poor. In addition to the growing complexity of the challenges brought about by our ecological polycrisis, there is a demand for justice. How to meet these challenges in a fair way and how to build back better after the Covid-19 pandemic.

    This international conference will offer an interdisciplinary platform for dialogue between the scientific community and that of ethicists and philosophers concerned by the imperative of justice. It is aimed at researchers, students, activists and decision-makers engaged in the social-ecological transition. Jointly organized by Georgetown University, Stellenbosch Sustainability Institute, Leuphana University and the Lassalle-Institut, it will lead to Proceedings published by Georgetown university Press. This conference will be the start of a series of annual international conferences in the following years.

    Information and call for papers here.

  • Economy of Francesco and women: access to land and sovereignty in the Global South

    The GEJP is proud to launch a collaboration with the Woman Mother Earth Alliance. This group seeks to offer concrete answers to the demand for “Land, Roof and Work”  for women in rural areas of Brazil and the world.

    They are part of the Economy of Francesco, a community of young economists from all over the world. Pope Francis brought them together in 2020 in order to work together towards an economy based on solidarity and sustainability.

    You can learn more about this on our website here.

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