Archive: Agriculture & Justice: The Farm of Francesco

Degradation of agricultural soils globally continues to increase, and farmers all over the world live several challenges such as access to education, technology and capital to support them fighting soil degradation. If we (youth) do not act now, erosion will.

Rooted in the Economy of Francesco’s Agriculture & Justice Startup Stream’s research, we – 10 youth representing countries around the world – choose to act now and answer Pope Francis’ call by mitigating the injustices we witness in our countries.

After researching our territories and following a design thinking process, The Farm of Francesco was born: Developing a global network of demo farms that put the farmer at the center and co-created solutions towards sustainable food systems and regenerate soils.

Our work started with two Farm of Francesco in, Ibadan, Nigeria and, Manaus, Brazil together with our team members. Our goal for this is to have an impact in educating 50 farmers in regenerative agriculture and switching to those practices on 100 hectares of land.

Our vision is to create a model that can create a new revolution in agriculture and generate impact for prosperity in every country in the world!

Learn more about the project here:

You can find a more in-depth presentation of the Farm of Francesco here in English and in Spanish.