Economy Of Francesco: ASSISI 2022

This fall, thousands of young people from over 100 countries attended the Economy Of Francesco (EOF) conference in Assisi, Italy, to imagine ways to build a more humane, inclusive, and life-friendly economy in response to Pope Francis’ call for a new economy.

Professor Gaël Giraud SJ, Director of the Environmental Justice Program, spoke at the EOF Ambassadors’ Plenary, along with Ms. Vandana Shiva, Sister Helen Alfort, Mr. Zamagni, Sister Kate Raworth, and Mr. Leonardo Becchetti. He also mentored two villages and interviewed with Agriculture & Justice village on the theme: The climate crisis is not a one-off fight, but a process.

On the last day of the conference, participants shared their experiences, organized future EOF events, welcomed Pope Francis, and witnessed the signing of a Pact of return to an evangelical economy, committing young people to work for a different economy. Here is the final statement of Assisi 2020.