Conference from Gaël Giraud at Rennes Ecole Normale Supérieure: Rethinking Economics

Professor and Director of the Georgetown Environmental Justice Program Gaël Giraud gave a talk at Rennes Ecole Normale Supérieure (France) in November 2022 as part of a series of lectures on the Anthropocene. During this presentation entitled “Rethinking Economics,” he presented the concept of ecological economics before developing the work carried out within the EJP on dynamic macroeconomic models simulating the evolution of debt, wage share, and employment. He then described the other components that threaten the economy and are built into the models: climate change and resource scarcity. Here is the discussion recording (in French).

Abstract: “Recomposing the economy by reconnecting it to reality, by restoring the role of the economist with regard to the complementarity of research and action. The case of sustainable finance as a generalized practice of greenwashing will be discussed to illustrate this, as well as the GEMMES model, a decision support model theorized by M. Giraud and used in many countries.”