Art Exhibition: Faces of Climate Change April 17th-22nd

In April 2023, to celebrate Earth Day, the Georgetown Environmental Justice Program is hosting Faces of Climate Change, a photography exhibition whose goal is to highlight the people who are on the front lines of climate change but are under-represented in the global agenda and the media of climate change.

Launched in 2022 by Nishita Karad, this project is taking the form of a contest, open to everyone on all continents, amateurs and professionals alike. One hundred photos are selected to be exhibited by a jury of experts, upon which there will be four winners. You can find last year’s winners on the project website.

Submissions for 2023 are opened until the 30th of April. This year, the judges are Philippa Thomas, Dr. Michael Pritchard, Annabel Nelson, and Dr. Dina Khalifa.

“I want to take these stories to those who are at the forefront of our climate work: politicians, policy makers and corporate leaders, to remind them that these are not just numbers but real people who will be impacted by their actions.”

Nishita Karad

The Face of Climate Change Art Exhibition will be held in the ICC Galleria (Ground Floor, Main Campus) from April 17th to April 22nd. On Tuesday, April 18th, at 11:30 AM, there will be a discussion with Nishita Karad, founder of Faces of Climate Change, and Gaël Giraud, Director of the Georgetown Environmental Justice Program.

To learn more about the Faces of Climate Change project:

Faces of Climate Change 2022

Photocredit: Siya Borulkar / Faces of Climate Change 2022