Peter Rožič

Fr. Peter Rožič, SJ is Director and  Associate Research Professor at the Georgetown Environmental Justice Program.

Fr. Rožič co-founded several international programs, including the European Laudato Si Alliance, an umbrella platform for advocacy networks to influence climate policy making through the EU institutions; the European Leadership Programme, one of the most prestigious residential programs for highly talented fellows working in EU policy; and the American Slovenian Education Foundation, which has enabled hundreds of highly talented scholars to research at top universities around the world.

Fr. Rožič previously directed the Jesuit European Social Centre in Brussels, taught political philosophy at the University of Ljubljana and also taught political science at the University of Santa Clara. He has an extensive research record in diverse disciplines, including political science, theology and transitional and environmental justice. His scholarly contributions span a broad range of publications in peer-reviewed journals and other academic platforms.

Fr. Rožič  received his B.A. in Philosophy and M.Div. in Theology from Centre Sèvres, Facultés Jésuites de Paris and his M.A. in International Business and Policy and Ph.D. in Government from Georgetown University.