Mlondi Ndovela

Never get cold feet when the pressure comes.

Mlondi is working on his Ph.D. thesis entitled Macroeconomic implications of energy transition in South Africa: Results from an integrated non-equilibrium economy-climate model. The study is part of the joint project between the Centre for Sustainability Transition and the Environmental Justice Program. His Ph.D. study addresses the absence of an integrated non-equilibrium economy-climate model for South Africa. Furthermore, there is a conspicuous non-linkage between the energy transition and macro-economic factors from various models developed by Applied Development Research Solutions (ADRS), Meridian Economics, University of Cape Town (UCT), and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). To address this problem, the study aims to use an INEEC model developed in partnership with GTU in order to simulate BAU and alternative scenarios for South Africa’s energy transition within the wider macro-economic context.