Timothée Nicolas

Timothée works in close collaboration with Hugo Martin on macroeconomic simulations, considering macroeconomy as a dynamic system in interaction with climate, which is described by a simplified GCM model. The aim is to understand how climate change can affect the economy, first at a global level, and eventually at the regional level, and how cuts in CO2 emissions might preserve the economy.

  • Keywords: Plasma physics, tokamaks, ecological macroeconomics
  • Degree: Alumnus from Ecole Normale Supérieure. Bachelor in mathematics, PhD in plasma physics

Maria Portugal

Strength and Light

Maria’s work aims to create a space dedicated to young Economists who want to build on the work developed around of the Economy of Francesco to build a World in Common. In this space, young economists will be able discern how to reform the world’s economy and to develop their projects and researches in this field. This way, they will be able to become actors able to ensure the ecological and social reconstruction of our societies by overtaking the limits of conventional economics. It will be a place to exchange ideas for young economists, social organisations, and actors of civil society who want to fight climate change through this framework.

  • Keywords: Indigenous peoples, Economy of Francesco (EOF), Women in EOF
  • Degree: she got her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, her Postgraduate degree after her Master in Ethnology studies (indigenous peoples transculturation, rights, economic development issues) and her Postgraduate degree after her Master in History (territories and frontiers) at the University of Paris.
  • Email address: marport78 -at- gmail -dot- com

Carrick Reddin

Ne’er forget the people

Carrick supports the program’s participation in international projects, specifically managing an exploratory study of the territorial, economic, and socio-political implications of organic agriculture in Mongolia. His work focuses on evaluating the feasibility of establishing a network of organic farms and associated human settlements that will ensure self-sufficiency and inclusive growth, respect traditional heritage, and foster environmental justice in the country.

  • Keywords: architecture, urban and territorial planning, public policy, international development
  • Degree: Masters degree in Urban Governance (Sciences Po, Paris) with a Bachelor in Architecture and International Development (Washington University in St. Louis)
  • Email address: carrick -dot- reddin -at- sciencespo -dot- fr

last updated: 09-16-21