Mona Menadi

This too shall pass

Mona’s research lays at the intersection of urban metabolism assessment, urban governance, public policy for a just transition and urban commons with a comparative approach. Cities are open metabolisms and dissipative structures. They are increasingly interdependent and constantly expanding, consuming more and more resources and energy to sustain the gluttonous lives of urban dwellers. Borrowing from thermodynamics, urban metabolism assessment provides a picture of such consumption of energy and ressources. Urban commons can provide a sustainable new paradigm for cities’ future resource management and just transition.

  • Keywords: civil engineering, urban governance, urban and territorial planning, urban commons
  • Degree: Master student in Urban Governance (Sciences Po, Paris), Master’s degree in Civil engineering and sustainable construction (INSA Rouen Normandie)

Francesco Palmia

Estote parati

Francesco’s research lays at the intersection between urban metabolic assessment and urban commons. His research aims at identifying a framework to study cities as dissipative structures with the goal of identifying the interrelation between urban governance systems and metabolic configurations. While applying thermodynamic theory to cities in order to identifying the material and political concerns of resource flows, urban commons are used to scrutinize new possible paradigms for resource management and a just transition.

  • Keywords: urban governance, urban planning and design, urban commons
  • Degree: Master student in Urban Governance (Sciences Po, Paris)

last updated: 09/16/2021